The Different Uses For A Cardboard Box

Once upon a time when it came to cardboard boxes the only ones you could buy were in plain brown and only in a few sizes.

However in the past few years they have somewhat gone through a packaging revolution, and they are now available in a wide variety of colours. In fact you can have them printed up with anything you want on the outside, from your companies logo, through to a wrapping paper print!

They are also now available in any size you want, and buying in custom made boxes for your business may cost you far less than you think it will, particularly if you are going to order them in large volumes.

Accordingly now cardboard packaging is now used for packing a wide variety of items. They are now used as packaging for a lot of fast food items such as pizzas. This is because not only is cardboard a cheap form of packaging, it is also a very good insulator and keeps the food hot for longer.

It can now be made waterproof and is used for take away coffee cups. Another example of this is fruit juice cartons, and you may not realise it but they are basically just a fancy cardboard box.

Cardboard boxes are now used for selling sandwiches in. In fact a lot of food packaging is being switched to cardboard from plastic, as the cardboard is “Greener” as it can be recycled very easily.

Cardboard boxes have now replaced the use of tea chests in the removal industry. Removal companies prefer to give customers cardboard boxes as they can be re-used several times over, and can be stacked flat when not in use, so they take up far less space than the old tea chests did.

You can even get cardboard boxes from removal companies that have a rail across them and are tall enough to hang your clothes in, forming a temporary wardrobe suitable for moving your clothes in when you move house.

You can also now buy boxes for document storage. You can also buy ultra heavy duty ones suitable for exporting heavy goods in.

Cardboard is a great packaging to use as it is lightweight, easy to store, and cheap to buy, with even custom made boxes not costing a lot more to buy.

So as you can see the applications for the once humble cardboard box are now virtually limitless.

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